"You have to take action if you want to TRANSFORM

your life."

The biggest problem we have is that we think we should not have any problems. This mindset prevents us from growing, because we will not reach for more and grow. Your problem is really your gift, because without it you will never grow. The reason you need to grow is so you can give more and fulfill your God given destiny. Lionsgate School of Transformation is designed to help realize your dreams and build a great future. Are you stalled in your personal growth? Is your prayer life stagnant? Year after year, do your dreams go unfulfilled? It is time to take massive action and change your life! At the School of Transformation you will destroy the obstacle preventing you from living your best life. 

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course Outline

10 Life Changing Sessions With Troy & Annwen Marshall

Session 1: Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life
Session 2: Creating Lasting Change
Session 3: Removing Obstacles to Your Growth
Session 4: Developing Your Hour of Power Prayer Time
Session 5:  4 Barriers to an Extraordinary Life
Session 6: Uprooting The Pain of Your Past
Session 7: Changing Your Story
Session 8: Prayer and Ministry Time
Session 9: Creating Abundance and Financial Freedom
Session 10: The Science of Momentum   

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Companion Workbook with Exclusive Bonus Materials and Life Map

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